Digital corporate projects

Bankers, water distribution managers, reinsurers, transporters, professional orders …

Use Almetis solutions and services.

You have a business need
To which we respond with solutions
Which are based in your organization
And its operational constraints.
 & Your RSI has a technological need
To which we respond with solutions that
The technical constraints of the
Information systems of large enterprises.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Thanks to their experience of more than 15 years, our consultants intervene in project management assistance to General Management or the business lines on all themes related to digital documents and digital identities.

As for example, on missions of:

  • Physical and logical security of the IS adapted to the functionalities of an operational organization.
  • Optimization of IT project costs and budget frameworks.
  • Project management support for IS projects.
  • Assistance in setting up a certification and timestamping policy.

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Specialist editor on the fields of digital security

  • IT Infrastructures for Certificate Management (PKI).
  • Document certification module with timestamp.
  • Security modules and APIs for client / server applications with or without a web interface.
  • Integration of security modules with database engines (Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL …).
  • Lightweight electronic signature office suite adaptable to your business processes without constraints

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Natural integrator of its own software

  • Technologies for securing the exchange of information and data protection in a collaborative environment to be secured.
  • Logical and physical access control technologies.
  • Cryptographic modules, hardware and software, that can be integrated with most business information systems for sensitive data security needs.

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