Almetis SignCenter

Available in electronic convenience mode or in signature machine mode, Almetis SignCenter is the secure electronic dematerialization software for electronic signature processes.

Almetis SignCenter is a software for the validation of enterprise documents (PDF), adapted to any sector of activity. With simple ergonomics, it allows an intuitive organization of the documents and can be positioned directly in logical sequence of the business processes. Almetis SignCenter is interoperable with all PDF signature verifiers and is based on global technology standards: PAdES for electronic signature, X509 for electronic certificates and RFC 3161 for time stamping. It is compatible with all signing devices (token, smart card, etc.). Almetis SignCenter integrates GED or SAE connectors.

With Almetis SignCenter, the company is the winner !

  • Speed and smoothness of the validation process,
  • Simple integration in complex computing environments,
  • Does not modify, but builds on existing workflows,
  • Online and offline usage,
  • Respects the habits of the signature, the user sees what he signs,
  • Enables teleworking,
  • Seamless change of behavior and short appropriation time,
  • Eliminating non-productive tasks and valuing the work,
  • End of paper processing costs and productivity gains,
  • Green attitude.

Almetis SignCenter is used as a signature machine for signing a large volume of documents and thus complies with regulatory requirements on electronic invoices.

Like other Almetis solutions, Almetis SignCenter can be used or integrated with systems already deployed in companies so do not hesitate to contact us to explain your context of use and we will study with you the adapted solutions as soon as possible.



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