Almetis creates solutions for a simpler and safer collaborative digital world!

Almetis, a commitment for a safer digital world

Almetis creates and distributes solutions for a simpler and safer collaborative digital world. Almetis solutions cover a wide range of applications in fields including personal and confidential data protection, information distribution control and traceability of electronic exchanges.

In each of these fields, Almetis draws on its innovative technological capital, acquired over 15+ years of research.

Almetis, a response for building stress-free collaborative environments

Businesses, authorities, governments, etc. are increasingly creating and enhancing their intellectual assets using dematerialised processes within a computerised collaborative environment. Each user can “connect” and exchange easily with colleagues, service providers, friends, family and so on. Paradoxically, the gains made in terms of responsiveness, availability and savings (paper, printing consumables, transport costs, etc.) are shadowed by the greater perception of increased risks to do with the information being circulated and exposed on a wider scale.

Almetis responds to these issues with three complementary main business areas:

  • specialised consulting and integration services, namely IT consulting (audit and analysis, IS project ownership assistance, training)
  • specific development and specialised integration development of software enabling signing, time stamping, secure identity management and data protection, namely Almetis Essential, Almetis SignCenter and Almetis TMS.
  • design and manufacture of Personal CAT highly secure personal terminals

Almetis, an ongoing investment in research and innovation

As creators and suppliers of interoperable, scalable and easy-to-use technologies, we are actively involved in research programmes alongside academic, institutional and industrial partners.