Electronic signature solutions

More than 300 small and medium-sized companies use Almetis electronical solutions every day.

Sign your quotes, invoices, contracts, letters … Secure all parts of your answers to partners.

Almetis designed for you Almetis Essential, a simple electronic signature solution to install on your PC and easy to use every day.
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Discover your future electronic signature : Almetis Essential

Share your signed documents electronically … Organize the exchange of files with your collaborators, your partners …

You know the good old parapheur that circulates from hand to hand for signature. When you are in the office, all the better, everything can be signed. Otherwise, it’s awaiting your return … With Almetis SignCenter, you finally have an electronic signature to see, sign, transfer all your documents whether you are in the office … or not !

Software, purchase online, subscription,

Discover your future electronic sign center: Almetis SignCenter

Get signed quotes, contracts, service agreements …Secure your relationship with your partners.

Almetis has designed an esignature solution to facilitate the signature of your documents and to assure the consent with your customers and suppliers.

You’re hurrying, using LiveConsent, no longer need to take out a credit card to get a document signed.

Discover esignature LiveConsent:LiveConsent



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A problem, a blocking? Of course, Almetis does not leave you alone and offers you online user support.

Finally solutions accessible without being computerized !