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Almetis Essential 5S


Test Almetis Essential in a trial version with 5 free signatures to simply co-sign your contracts or discover the electronic signature and its uses.

To benefit from a free month, you must create your user account then click on "Try Almetis Essential 1 month FREE" in your dashboard.

1 month free

Visualization of the document at signature

Use of the PDF international standard

Compatibility with any electronic certificate

 5 free personalized signaturesin standard version

Easy and efficient PDF viewer with the following basic features:

  Open a PDF from a file or an Internet address

Get your PDF documents in 1 click for signature from your document editor Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice (quick conversion of your document to PDF for digital signing with Almetis Essential)

  Send your document by email with accompanying text message
  Print the document
  Scan direct to PDF from your scanner
  Search for words or group of word in plain text PDF

Copy - paste by selecting text or page area


Zoom - in and zoom - out


Display the document in full screen or page width

  Rotate the document
  Direct visualization of the page and the page number

Ability to browse page by page or jump to the end of the document


Bookmarks to quickly navigate between different sections of your document


Digital signature by Almetis

  5 free signatures or co-signatures

Visualization of the document while signing


Ability to add additional information for each signature: the title or the reason of signing, the location and date


Configuration wizard to select your preferred signature tool with automatic scan of your computer to select your digital certificate for signature use.
Caution: Use of Almetis Essential requires obtaining a digital certificate. Electronic certificates are issued by certificate services provider or by national agencies in European states.


Panel for visual configuration of the signature and for protected signature profile creation


Creation of multiple signature profiles tailored to different types of documents


Ability to add your initials


Dedicated buttons for easy digital signing: "Sign" or "Initials and sign"


Signature verification when the document opens or on demand

  Checking the integrity of the document

Alert on changes / modifications of content after the document is digitally signed

  Verification of the digital certificate of signatories (identity of signatories): integrity of the chain of trust that issued the certificate and status of the certificate
  Native integration of the Almetis Trusted List, a repository of CAs updated constantly to ensure the security of signature verification process

Signatures tab to view directly the validity of the signature, the additional information and the date of signature


Function of adding stamps: add your business specific stamps. (eg for payment, confidential, urgent, archive, recall, etc.)

Add a digital sticky note to the document