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Almetis SignCenter is the software application which streamlines and accelerates your business processes. Almetis SignCenter is the digital signature book which allows decision makers and their staff to have a reliable and effective secure electronic signing solution for varying volumes of electronic documents in the PDF format.

Almetis SignCenter

Almetis SignCenter in a few sentences...

Securing your signing processes without ever leaving the digital world

Protecting the integrity and authenticity of your electronic documents

Reliable, intuitive and cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of decision makers and their staff

Possible connection with your business systems, ECM or EDM

Compliant with the strictest technical and regulatory requirements for secure electronic signing

Ready to use with corporate electronic certificates or electronic certificates issued by Certification Service Providers (on smart-cards, USB tokens or software containers...)


Almetis SignCenter, an actual digital signature book or electronic signing machine.

Thanks to the "auto signing" mode, any documents submitted will be automatically processed and signed.

The "signature book" mode allows you to review documents one by one, and ascertain whether a signature is needed in each case. Alternatively, this decision can be deferred.

Almetis SigneCenter - www.almetis.comWith Almetis SignCenter, your documents are arranged in local or network "signature books", depending on how you work and your organisation's constraints.

Each signature book is made up of several folders containing documents to be signed, signed documents, documents which cannot be signed (due to an error) and documents which have been specifically refused to be signed.

This operating mode means that Almetis SignCenter can be rapidly integrated with your company's EDM or ECM systems.

Almetis SignCenter, the electronic signature book which can be adapted to suit your taste and requirements.

For each signature book, you simply personalise the aspects which apply to all documents, such as, the visual appearance of the signature (signature profile), the page number of the document on which the signature will appear (first page, last page or page number specified in advance), the position of the visual field of the signature on the page and its size, etc.

By implementing Almetis SignCenter at different management levels, you can secure your validation process according to the specifics of your organization, without ever leaving the digital world.

The signing process is secure and completely under your control. You can decide when to start, stop or suspend the automatic signing process at any time. The signing process only starts when you enter your PIN number using the keyboard of the smart card terminal.

Almetis SignCenter also complies with audit and traceability requirements. All events are recorded in a log file, which you can consult at any time.

Almetis SignCenter is perfect for digitalising your legal documents.

Almetis SignCenter fully complies with European technical and regulatory secure electronic signing requirements. Almetis SignCenter can be used with all cryptographic devices and electronic signature certificates compliant with European regulatory and legislative framework for electronic signatures.

If you already have cryptographic devices for creating secure electronic signatures, the Almetis SignCenter software could enhance them. Almetis solutions are flexible and can be used or integrated with the systems that your company are already using. Do no hesitate to tell us your situation and together we will find you the most appropriate solution as soon as possible.