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Personal CAT Essential

The Personal CAT card reader is a device which combines a high level of security and simplicity of use in order to safeguard your online operations, and personal details, at the click of a mouse.

Personal Cat

Personal CAT in a few sentences:

Unique design, for a safer online world

High level protection to put your mind at ease

Freedom to record all your operations

Modularity, for your specific needs

A unique design, for stress-free work!

Personal CAT, the personal secure terminal created by Almetis, and patented, boasts a certified EAL4+ cryptoprocessor, which will meet even the highest expectations in terms of security. The use of the personal CAT card reader terminal with any type of smart card, such as the Almetis Business Card, will guarantee that each of your actions is completely intentional.
With Personal CAT, a secure digital world!

Peace of mind, in the office, in the meeting room, at the airport...

Wherever you happen to be, with Personal CAT, the ability to protect your personal information and have control of every use of your smart card is in your hand. This will provide the utmost protection of your personal, and private details during any operations requiring your signature, or verification!
A high level of protection, brought to you by Personal CAT!

Traceability, Confidentiality, and security, for all your professional correspondence!

In a few clicks, Personal CAT will transform your messaging service, whether it be Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird, optimizing them in order to make secure electronic messaging easier for you. This will include any operations involving:

electronic signing of documents

verifying the content of your emails

exchanging private messages with colleagues

With Personal CAT, you can trade in freedom!

Modularity of Almetis Solutions

All our solutions are modular, and can therefore be used with any smart cards already in use at your place of business. Do not hesitate to explain your specific needs in this area to us, and we will work with you to adapt our solutions to suit you, as soon as we can.