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Electronic Signature
Data protection!
Almetis electronic signature solutions meet European Directive 1999/93/EC legal requirements to provide legal value to your documents. With our solutions, you can sign, time stamp and authenticate all PDF documents. You can preserve and protect the digital format of your original documents.

With Almeties, enter the world of WIPIWYS – What Is Presented Is What You Sign!

The universal signature by Almetis is:

  The guarantee of legal recognition of the document
Compatibility with any digital ID using standard X509 certificate
The use of a standardized document format used worldwide (PDF)
Viewing the document at the time of signing in order to complete the juridical act
With Almetis electronic signature solutions, the document printed on paper will only be a copy!

With Almetis protection solutions you control the access to your information. Stored on your server or in the cloud, your information is protected and only you and those you authorize have access to your information.

With Almetis, insurance to protect your digital assets!

Protection & signature packs!
Aimed at business applications with a strong need for security and confidentiality, the packages natively in integrate Personal CAT technology for smart cards. The packages guarantee a high level of security and confidentiality, regardless of the computer you work on regularly or infrequently.

With Almetis, security is made for you!